Desire To Become Full Time Trader

I desire to become a full time trader after meeting a friends of mine, who I truly trusted and honest guy. He is also the master trainer and founder of Piptree Trading School in Penang, Malaysia. Formerly he was a market analyst and professional trader for the past 10 years. I think more than that.

By the year 2009, I was introduced to the world of financial trading when I saw an some of my friends (they are Internet Marketer) switching to the financial market… then it caught my attention. I was so curious at that time what makes Internet Marketer switch their focus instead of doing so well in the Internet world. I decided to discover the truth on it.. as I am an Internet Marketer as well.

I signed up for a trading courses for around three thousand plus, take 2 days off from my days job and fly all the way from Penang to Kuala Lumpur just to attend it. This is ME! If i desire to do something and set the path, I will go for it. NO EXCUSE!

Unfortunately thing goes as bad as it goes…The trading didn’t go well for me because the teaching, a method doesn’t work and not making money. I was very frustrated from what the instructor taught, it’s all bxxx sxxx. From that moment, I still didn’t give up on trading and continue to do lots of self-learning through online, buy courses and so on…

Time flies… I take more than few years but still unable to master the trading technique until I met a Justin. Justin is a full time trader for more than ten years and he brought me back to the trading world. Taught me about the market behavior, price action, price habit, market sentiment, fundamentals and most important the support from him… I able to trade independently and support his trading school now.

From time to time… I discovered few very aspect of life if we want to succeed in doing ONE thing. The conclusion

  1. buy books – less effective
  2. attend free seminar – bit effective if you have the experienced on that field
  3. Self-learning – if you are that type of guy
  4. attend paid workshop – the best way to learn from mentor
  5. attend paid workshop with good support after that – THIS IS VERY CRUCIAL TO SUCCESS

I would like to elaborate more on this part. In my life of learning so far, I’ve attended countless of workshop and some of them even cost me around RM10,000 to attend a 2 days workshop. Can you imagine I pay RM10,000 to attend? That’s ME! I do pay for it because I want to learn from the best!

Unfortunately not all the course are worth the value.. why?

  1. The teaching material is not worth
  2. After workshop, there is no proper support
  3. The company just want your money, they don’t care you make $ or not

Is it sounds familiar for you?

So, when you take up any paid course, ask them these few questions. It’s not SO important how much they trainer make, but it’s important to know whether those students make money or not! This is VERY IMPORTANT.

Don’t you agree with me?

If not… let’s see Roger Federer. Roger Federer is one of the best WORLD TENNIS CHAMPION but does his coach is the world champion as well? Not right? So, the important part is… can your coach support you until you succeed? Ask yourself…

Time to pen off!

See you in the winning circle

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Building Passive Income – How much is enough?

how much is enoughThis is the first topic I would like to share. I believe this is one of the most important question when comes to building our 2nd income sources or passive income.

Personally I have met with few closed friends and they are multi-millionaires. One of them is public figure who is very success in the Internet Marketing and one of them is a professional trader who trade for living and later I tell you what do I mean “trade for living”.

These two people are my friends and who I admire most because of their success stories. Just few days ago I met my “trading” friend who earn a livings by trading the financial market. We are having a coffee session and I ask him a question about passive income.

Jeremy:” Bro, if we want to generate passive income, how much is enough?

Justin:”That’s a very general question, you need to workout the money that is enough for you to earn for living. For examples:

If you are currently earning $5000/mth, based on the bank annual interest rate about 4%/year. You need to have at least $1.5mil in bank to gain monthly interest of $5000/mth.

What does he mean here? Let me do a recap here.

If you have $1.5mil in the bank with annual FD (fixes deposit) interest of 4%. The interest would be $1,500,000 x 4% = $60,000 per year.

In 1 year, we earn $60,000. How about monthly? That’s about $60,000 / 12 months = $5000 BINGO!

So, if we deposit $1.5mil in the bank with annual interest 4%, we able to generate passive income of $5000/mth. Then that $5000 is our passive income!

So the next BIG question is, how to earn $1.5 millions?

But in the mean time, at least we have a clear goal on how much do we need to earn passive income in order to place our current job? This is just an ordinary passive income model using Bank FD rate. In reality, who has $1.5 million assets or cash?

So let’s workout a plan together, how much do you need per month in order to quit your day job and start earning passive income.

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Welcome to

welcomeHi! Welcome to my personal webpage – For those who didn’t know about me. You can visit my facebook page and get connected together. Basically I’m just an ordinary guy like you who want to earn extra income or improve our living lifestyle and hoping one day, we could turn from no one become some on.

The objective I setup this personal website is to share the topic “Create Passive Wealth”. Honestly speaking, I’m not yet a successful business person who make millions online or owned a multi- million business, but I’m passionate about making passive income online or building passive income.

There are a topic about me here, if you would like to get connected with me, just add me in Facebook. I really love to connect with like minded people especially those with high energy, positive thinking, action taker and have a never give up attitude. Let’s GET CONNECTED!

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